It has been 70 days since naturalization application in -line for interview


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My husband applied for naturalization in end of October , had his finger-printing done. but his application has been in-line( according to uscis track my case) since 26 of November. It has been 70 days now, is it usual? should we call uscis to know how long is it going to take? 

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One year is a bit too long, but it can happen if they pull examiners other applications, like H1s.

My own natz application, in 2005-2006 (already 8 years, hard to believe, time flies), was Sept 2005 application, day after Thanksgiving 2005 fingerprinting, oath mid-April 2006.

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if they call you for fingerprinting, does it indicate that the have accepted your naturalization application to become a citizen? or it all depends on interview?

It means that they are processing the application.

The decision if you qualify for naturalization is done after the interview.

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