My 1st H1B visa stamping after fire accident


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Hi Friends,

I amended my H1B through premium processing and went for stamping in Calgary, Canada on Feb 01, 2014 and got my visa approved.

As my case is different I lost my passport and H1B approval notice in a fire accident on 2012....... So I applied for I94, duplicate H1B notice from USCIS, new passport from US based indian embassy. I attached a copy of my police and fire reports with cover letter explaining my situation to claim every document back. It took almost 6 months to replace my official docs.

After claiming all documents immediately I applied for Canada visitors visa and along with application forms, cover letter to embassy of Canada explaining loss of docs and attached police and fire reports.

After claiming my documents, got my Canada visitors visa approved for 4years. I struggled hard to find H1B stamping appointment dates in Vancouver , Calgary and Jamaica. Finally I am able to find a slot in Calgary Feb 03, 2014.

I have all my documents along with H1B Amendment as I changed my job. During the day of interview on Feb 3, 2014, 8:00AM I cleared security check and next they will check H1B approval notice along with passport.

In my case my H1B approval notice(I797) will have duplicate written on the document, they started asked me questions:

1.How do you loose the original notice?

2.Is there any police report about your lost?

3.Did you report to US Consulate about the loss?

I explained them how I lost the docs and showed original police and fire reports. She told I didn't report to US Consulate, I worried.....she typed something......she told me to sit and wait till I find my token number on screen I did.......

Interview started:

VO: who is your employer?

VO: Is this your first H1B?

Ans: yes, this is my first H1B

VO : who is your client?

VO: will you work with the same client after going back to USA?

VO: What is your role with client?

VO:what are your job responsibilities with Client?

VO: Is your employer pay you on time?

VO: Are you happy with your pay?

VO: your Visa got approved and you may pick with in 3-5 business days.....

VO didn't ask me even a single document......she took my i797 and passport.

Really happy to hear and all my loss before, my hard work deserve this.....

Excited to receive my passport.....

I got my passport on Wednesday morning before 9:00AM........

Thank you one and all to suggest me and help me out.


Good luck to people going for stamping.........

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Hi Lakshmi,


I am planning to go for H1 B visa stamping to cananda, can you please guide me for applying a visit visa to canada ?


How do canadian consulate decide the visit visa duration ? did you happen to request them for 4 years ?


Your a  big success for me, as you got it this week. Please guide me.




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