Successful Visa Stamping @ Vancouver on Feb 4th


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Thanks to every member on this forum for sharing your valuable experiences on H1B Visa Stamping. Finally its my turn to share experiences from my H1B Visa Interview.


Consulate : Vancouver

Date & time : Feb 4th 10:30 AM


Reached consulate around 10 AM. Security and Finger print took about 45 minutes and then finally entered 20th floor(final interview area) around 10:45 AM.


Visa Interview Counter # 3


Me : Good Morning sir

VO : Greeted and was busy typing something is his system. When did you start working for XX(Current employer)

Me : Since XXX years

VO:  How long did you work in OPT

Me;  XX Months

VO: When did you graduate 

Me: In XX Year YY Month

VO: Do you have client

Me : yes sir

VO : When did you start working for this client

Me : XX Months (Actually I changed my employer with same client)

VO: Why did you change your employer

Me : Explained

VO : Do you live in XX state

Me : Yes (Client location)

VO: Can I see your LCA, Client letter

Me : Sure sir and handed documents over to him

VO : Compared client address and LCA addess

VO : Passed a employee rights handbook to me and said me go through completely before heading back to work . Typed something for about a minute and finally golden words came out YOUR VISA IS APPROVED. Gave me a paper with instructions on how to pick up passport from LOOMIS.


My friend had interview after me at counter 3 and visa was approved with almost same questions. I found couple of other guys for H1B interview before me and they got approved too. 


Try to be confident, maintain smile at the times during interview and carry as many documents as you can. 


I checked my application status in and shows as Adminstrative Processing. I am planning to head to Loomis after statues gets changes to ISSUED.






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Congrats for the Visa getting approved. 


VO:  How long did you work in OPT
Me;  XX Months
For the above question, do we have to mention the duration that we actually have worked for a client and having pay stubs ? Don't we have to mention the training period if we are from consulting company ? 
Thanks in advance. 
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Congratulations on your approval...


Please don't go to Loomis unless you get an email from them with a WayBill Number...Period.................


It's waste of time...I got email 2 days after it changed to just wait till you get emails...usually around midnight they send them...

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