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My employer has completed the recruitment process for my PERM application. 


They have advertised in the news Paper (2 Sundays) and online on their website. 


There was a discrepancy between the Newspaper Ad and the Online ad. The Newspaper ad does not require any Travel but the online requires 95% travel. 


They have completed the recruitment process. The newspaper ad did not get any responses; the online ad got some responses that were weeded out through interview process. 


Now they are ready to file the Form 9089, but realized the discrepancy in the advertisements could be a potential problem if the application is audited. 


Now we are presented with  following options


- Proceed with the Form 9089 filing - list 95% Travel as a requirement for the position. 


- Proceed with the Form 9089 filing - No Travel requirement for the position. 


- Run the Newspaper ad again with Travel as a requirement, Hope there will be no responses wait 30 days and then File the Form 9089 by March 20, 2014 
If an applicant responds to the new newspaper ad, we have a Problem.
My 6 years cap for H1B expires on March 27, 2015. To meet the requirement of Perm application to be pending for 365 days to be able to get an extension, the perm has to be filed by March 27, 2014. 


I am not what is my best option to proceed. Any suggestions, work around etc are appreciated. 


Thank you


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