Kingston Jamaica....Feb 3 Visa Interview and Got PIMS or 221G...Shared Accomodation


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Hi ,


I think all of us who came for visa stamping to Kingston Jamaica around Feb 3  and got delayed due to Pink slip or PIMS update , will have similar plans to stay in Jamaica for extended period.


It will be good to see if anyone is available to share hotel room.


I am one of them who got delayed and staying in Christar Villas...mine got delayed because of PIMS update.


Most probably I will be extending my stay here in Jamaica. 


Let's see if we can help each other by sharing the room...Good luck to all.

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Hi Satchi2k2,


I have attended Visa interview at 7.30 AM Feb 4th. Visa has been approved and VO gave pink slip to collect the passport at 2 PM , Friday. I know one of the persons who attended the Visa Interview on feb 3rd has got white slip for PIMS Database update. Just to make it clear, they give pink slip only if your Visa is approved and ask us to collect the passport. if VO give white slip, it does need that they need to do some admin processing or PIMS Update. Please correct me if i am wrong.

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Hi Kumar.. I got a pink slip for PIMS processing - 9.00am Feb3rd. VO and Finger printing Officer gave me a heads up that my visa processing might get delayed due to PIMS DB update. They dint mention to me any day to pick up the process, instead they took my contact info: Mail-ID and said I will get a email once the visa is available.


What does it say if you track your DS160 Number or case number in this site?

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