Question regarding DS 160 for stamping in Toronto, Canada


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Hi friends,


While booking an appointment for H1B stamping in Toronto, Canada, it is mentioned that "The DS-160 must be completed before scheduling an appointment. The DS-160 confirmation number (barcode number) is required to complete the appointment booking."


However, I was able to book the online appointment through the system without needing a DS-160 barcode number. Has anyone come across this issue before ? If yes, is there a possibility that the online appointment is not connected to the DS-160, which I submitted after I had booked an appointment ?


Kindly let me know.




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I am not sure how you booked your date with out DS-160 number...usually we don't need to complete DS-160 for appointment...we just need to have a DS-160 number (you just need to start application)



Anyway if you think you have booked a date, now go ahead and fill new DS-160 and update that number in appointment website.........

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