DS 160 for canada


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i am filling ds 160 for visa stamp in canada.


i have following question:



(1)  intended length of stay
My h1 expired  on 10/09/2015 , so how many months should i need to put.
(2) provide information on your last five us visits
data arrived : 
length of stay : 
 i came on f1 on 2008 , after that for 3 months ,i went to india for summer vacation. 
so how many  months/years do i need to put in length of stay. : 
(3) has anyone ever filed an immigrant on your
behalf with the united states citizenship and immigration
if yes
please explain
My sister is US citizen and she applied green card for me  , i have receipt  but i dont see anything online.
also my employer  has  started processing of labor form , but has not applied yet.
in this case what should i write?


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