Visa stamp with one revised salary pay tub


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HI All, I am planning to go to visa stamp and have some questions.My current H1 expires in 2nd week of Feb 2014.

My company has moved me in new subsidiary in Nov 2013 and applied new LCA  with new subsidiary name and revised wage.

Then they applied H1 extension and got approval for next 3 years with new subsidiary name.  In new LCA , effective date isNOv 2013 - Nov 2016. As per employer, new raised wage (as per new LCA) would be effected only from new H1 extension start date i.e in mid of Feb 2014.

In March , I am going for visa stamp .I  (by that time) will have one pay stub with raised wage rate(matching with new LCA wage rate).


Doubts :

1. Is that OK if Employer increase wage rate only from H1 extension date ?

2, In interview , I will have only one pay stub with raised wage..will that be ok?


I appreciate your help.






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