LCA for H1b extension after I-140 approval


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for every client Change you have to apply new LCA for the address you are intended to work


this is to make sure the employer is paying there employees with right wages.


if you haven't got ur LCA for current work location just apply one LCA, it will take 15 days


and then answer the RFE with the new LCA, and stating the payment is not lesser than the LCA #


thanks Good Luck  

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Thanks for the response.


I probably did not explain clearly.


- I extended my H1b (captured vacations) for 4 months from Oct 2013 to Jan 2014


- My perm was approved on 3rd week of January.


- I-140 was applied on premium processing before I left the country.


- After I-140 gets approved, I need to apply for H1B extension.


So my question is; I had recently extended H1B and my perm is approved, so do I need to apply for LCA again for my H1B extension? 


Thank you

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