mother's visit visa while my petition i-130 under process


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Hi,I came to the USA on B1/B2 and got married here. My permanent resident husband filed for my i-130 and Now my i-94 has expired and i am out of status until my husband becomes citizen (for one more year) and I get green card. I got receipt number for i-130. My mother wants to visit me and she has to mention my status on ds-160. She is a govt. servant with 960,000 income per annum in local currency, owns a house and my father and brothers are living back home as well. She has good ties with her country but my question is , 1what negative affect my status can have on her visa decision or is it irrelevant? 

2- should she apply or wait for me to get a status in the us to have better chance of acceptance?

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The problem right now is that you may have problems getting the GC even though orthodox wisdom says the spouse of a Citizen is immune from bad consequences. If you had the smarts to consult a Lawyer who told you to do this then fine. If not consult a Lawyer now. Her applications are not relevant to your acts. Basically she is fine. You have to make sure you are. How did you think no DL, no travel and fear of police contact was OK?

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