H4 and health insurance through Obamacare


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As per the law,  Obamacare or Affordable Care Act requires all Americans to have health insurance. I believe that applies to people who are on H1B and H4. I am employed through a consultant who does not provide health insurance (not what I want), so I am shopping for health insurance on my own. Currently I am on COBRA coverage of my previous company but it is turning out a lot expensive. I have insurance through COBRA till end of this month for me and my dependents. Now, I will come to the question:


My dependents (wife and baby) are traveling to India and they might stay there for around 4 months. Since they will not be here, I don't see any use for paying for their insurance which is a large chunk of total amount. If I remove them, will they be breaking the law of not having insurance for that period? 


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