H1-B Visa Stamping done at Jamaica on 3rd Feb


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Hello all,


I have attended my visa slot today at 7:00AM. It was just for a minute.


These are the questions i was asked:


VO:Who is your employer?

Me: XX


VO:Can i see the most recent W2?

Me: Gave him the recent one


VO:Looks like you have been with this employer for last 2 years?



VO:What is your client?

Me: YY


VO:From how long have you been working for this client?

Me: Since, Last 6 months


VO:What is your role?

Me: Told him the role



VO: Did you comoplete your masters here in USA?



VO: Okay you may pick your passport on Wednesday after 2pm.

Me: Thanks


We were like 8-10 people in the morning slot until 10:00AM, all of us got visa except one guy who was given a pink slip saying we need more time to process, he answered all of the questions, hopefully they wanted some verifications and it will be updated by a couple of days I guess.


Be confident in whatever you say and have all the documents even though they might not ask for everything.






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Hi Newbie,


I think if VO gives us the red slip, then it does mean that Visa has been approved and collect the passport at a specific time. But if VO issues White slip, it does mean that they need to do the admin processing. You have mentioned in the post that issuing red slip means admin processing.

I too have attended the Visa Stamping on Feb 4th and it has been aproved. I will share those details in another post.




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