H1 and H4 stamping in India


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Currently I am in USA(on H1). My current staus and my wifes(h4) got expired on SEP31(2013) and My new H1 extension and Wife's H4 extension is approved untill Sep30,2016. 

I am working as a contractor for same client and employer from the beginning(past 2years), I have to take a mandatory break for 60 days and I retain my position on May1st. So we are Planning to go to India for 2 months.

I had my first h1b stamping in canada and wife's (h4) was in Hyderabad with a client letter.


1.Am I eligible for Waiver program.?

2.Do you see any issues in my case, if I have to go for stamping in hyderabad or chennai.

3.If so, Is it going to be just one DS160 and one appointment for both of us and go to the same counter?

4.Since I am taking 60 days break, I won't get paid. Is it going to effect anyways if I don't have a job or pay      checks for 2 months in future?



Can some1 send me the instructions to start my process?

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