Notice of Intent to Revoke Approved H1b Petition


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I received an email from USCIS yesterday stating that they have send my employer " Notice of Intent to Revoke" my approved H1B Petition.
About my Case: I got my 7th year H1b Extension done with my current employer(based on approved PERM from another employer)
in 2013 with client letter '1' and after few months of approval I got a site visit and at that time my project got over and
I had moved to Client '2'.
The officer contacted my employer about my work location as I was not there, and my employer provided the officer with all the
details regarding my current work location, Client letter,Vendor Letter, my Paystubs, my job tittle, my job responsibilities,
my recent LCA copy via email. After that we never heard from them.

Now after 5 months I received that Intend to revoke notice. I still have to receive the details of that letter and
what exactly USCIS is asking for. As I will have 30days to reply them back.

Please advise :
1) what my options are in this scenario of NOIR?
2) How complicated this situation is?
3) If I file AAO with current employer and apply for H1b Transfer with an American consulting company who is a direct vendor for current client,  for 8th year, what are the chances of   my H1b approval?
4) Does this H1b revocation affect my GC process (approved PERM, I-140 Pending) through another employer?
5) Is H1B Amendment mandatory after moving from one client location to other with rest of the things being same?
6) What are the chances of Revocation and Re-affirmation ?
7)What all documents USCIS can ask for?

I am in my 7th year of extension with approved PERM, I-140 Pending and next extension is due in early April-2014.

Please reply ASAP, if anybody can answer any of the above.

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