Travel plan while extension/transfer of H1b


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Dear friends,


This is my 7th year of H1b. Applied for 7th year extension based on approved I 140. Petition is pending for almsot three months via regular process.


Changing employer now, applying for H1b (based on approved I 140 from previous employer) soon using premium processing.


I may have to travel to home country in march 2014.


I have following questions?


1. When I go for the stamping can I be denied based on the fact that H1b is for new eomployer based on approved I 140 from previous employer?

2. Can I still travel, if my new employer H1b is still pending? I believe in this case I may have to go for the consular process. Am I correct?

3. Do I have to worry for the fact that I am applying for new H1b when my previous employer's H1b is still under process??




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