Sign/share new White House petition on STEM green cards & H1B self-sponsorship

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This new petition, launched yesterday on the White House petition site, might help some of you who came to the US as international students or would like to start a business in the US:


Anyhow, the petition's text is as follows:


Issue a presidential directive protecting foreign STEM grads & entrepreneurs while Congress debates immigration reforms.


While we still hold out hope for innovative policies such as green cards for STEM diplomas and the proposed "startup visa," a stopgap measure (similar to the administration's DACA directive) is critical to maintain the status of foreign-born STEM graduates and entrepreneurs.


Specifically, we urge the president to 1) offer STEM graduate degree holders some form of conditional residency until more permanent measures are put in place, and 2) authorize self-sponsored H-1B petitions for entrepreneurs in lieu of a dedicated visa.


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