Q's on Vendor's SOW Project.


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Planning to go for H1-B stamping in February.Currently working for Client AAA at Client Location thru Vendor's BBB SOW(Statement Of Work) Project.



1) Vendor BBB said he will not provide SOW letter but can provide Vendor's letter mentioning Work amendment Order number on it.But I had email from Vendor that they can't provide SOW letter.Is is okay to show that Email to VO if they ask for SOW letter?


2) Vendor BBB is not providing Project name in Vendor's BBB letter(because of SOW project) and saying as they are Implementation partner to Client AAA we can assign any Project and also Vendor told they can't justify to VO if they ask for evidence if specific Project name is mentioned in letter.Is it okay to take Vendor BBB letter without project's name(as it's SOW project)?


3) If VO ask's who will assign work and to whom you will report,Can I say only to my Employer?And also Is I need to include that I'm reporting to Vendor's BBB Account Manager as it's SOW Project ?



Please advise.

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