Could anyone advice if I missed anything on the checklist - Canada H1B Renewal


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Check List for H1B Renewal 1.   Passport 2.   One photograph 3.   Original Form I-94 4.   Confirmation page of online submitted DS-160 Form with bar code. Not entire form. 5.   An application fee payable - You will get a receipt which must be presented at interview. 7.   Original Masters & Bachelor's Degree certificates or transcripts.  8.   W2's &  Copies of tax returns 9.   Latest bank statement proving that you have enough finances to take care of your expenses. 11. H1B The original approved Notice of Action Form I-797, top and bottom parts. 12. Employment verification letter from the employer. It would be helpful to mention the employee strength, offices, turnover, projects/clients of the company. 13. Initial Job offer letter 14. Copy of the I-129 petition 15. Copy of the LCA (Labor Condition Application) approval 16. Current resume 17. Last few pay stubs 18. Company profile. take printouts of the company information from their web site.  19. Photos of your current employer showing cubicles, nameplates of the company etc. 20. Copy of the labor certification and/or I-140 approval notice if you are beyond 6 years on H1 21. Prior work experience letters 22. Proof of U.S. address (pay stubs, utility bill, driver's license, etc.) 23. Recommendation letter from your supervisor


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Some more


1. Some email concersation praving that you actually working.

2. Security Batch if you have any.

3. Employer's tax return,list of employees

4. Letters from Vendors, if working on EVC.




What is "5.   An application fee payable - You will get a receipt which must be presented at interview." ? How to get the receipt ?

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Thanks all for your feedback

- Krishna - I m a Fulltime Employee so I m carrying - HR Emp Verificatin letter + Manager's Letter with Roles and Resp

- sreekath - I think its the Visa Appointment confirmation letter, It has everything they need - MRV reciprt#, Confirmation#, Appt Time etc...

- shortduck

    - I m taking my Powerpoints to my CIO and Directors and my Org Chart should be plenty

    - Taking Security Badge (ID Card)

    - List of Employees etc.. are on LCA so he should be able to dig from there

    - I m  FTE, so I dont think that applies

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