h1b 221g in 20days clearance


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hii friends,


I have done my visa interview on jan 9th 2014 at hyderabad consulate. i hope my visa experience will help many people who are waiting on administrative processing.


I got one employer from my friend's reference.  i have done my Masters in Embedded Systems and have some certifications on java and Websphere Application Server. Basing on my qualification and reference employer sponsored me h1b for me. I will get into the topic directly now.


On Nov 16th, my h1b approved from Uscis. Employer send the documents to me and told that have to schedule visa interview at hyderabad consulate.


ofc date: 8th jan 10.30

it was done in just 5 min...


Interview date: 9th jan 2014  10.30 pm

on that day it takes some time to reach visa officer... around 12.. my token number was called at window 13.

Vo is a lady around 25.. looks cool.


VO: hi

me: hi.. gudaftrn


Vo: Passport and i797

me: given


Vo: What is the purpose of ur visit?

me: I got an offer from xxxxx company as Websphere administrator


Vo:ur i129 petition please

me: gave


vo: What is ur annual salary offered?

me: answered


vo: For which client u have to work?

me: answered


vo: Tell me abt ur client

me: answered...( for this u have to include from how many years compnay founded and their services . It will give positive result.. mine is 14 years back established)


Vo: any other documents do u have?

me: i have the service agrements with clients given by employer.( it will help u more to get visa, not only ur client's aggrement and try to collect the company's service aggrements with other clients also... it will help u.. sure)


Vo: What is ur role?

me: answered


vo: put your left hand fingers on scanner...(left r right i didnt remind it)

me: finger prints given


vo: took my passport and i129,1797,service agrements and she left the counter...

me: waiting... waiting... waiting.... for golden words...


vo: she came back to the counter and gave 221g slip checking the mark

"Your case needs additional administrative processing before final decision can be made"

me: little bit confused mind left the counter..



Waiting starts::::::::



daily checking the website  ceac.state.gov for my status...


it is in administrative processing till 28th jan 2014.


case creation date: 7th jan 2014

status updated date: 9th jan 2014


on 29th early morning. i saw the status as


case creation date: 7th jan2014

status updated date: 28th jan 2014

  status is still in administrative processing.. worried and contacted my employer..


Then i came to know the process of my administrative processing...


on 13 th jan uscis mailed to my employer about client and my position. On the same day uscis mailed to my client also... its E-C model.

on 16th jan employer responded for that mail and the client also...


so, who are in administrative processing, need to contact their employer or client to respond.. if they respond it will be very fast in processing.


on 29th jan around 10 am status changed to issued....hurraaaay visa approved... waiting for the mail to collect my passport..


I got mail from ustraveldocs saying that passport is ready for pick up on 30th jan around 2pm...


on 31 st jan planning to collect my passport...



Thanks murthy law forum and members for posting valuable visa experiences... This forum helped me a lot....


Thanks for reading guys... Wish u all the best to h1b aspirants.  Gud luck...





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