Return to US for one day on B2 visa, one week after departure from US


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My parents arrived in the US from India on B2 visas (which expire August 2016). Their I-94s are valid till March 3, 2014, and they have return tickets from the US to India on March 1. We are planning to travel from the US to Mexico for a vacation in the last week of February and return on February 28. 


Given that they will return to the US within one week of leaving, and their I-94s will cease to be valid once they depart the US for Mexico, I wanted to understand the risks involved in traveling to Mexico and then trying to return to the US for one day. 

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Generally, the risk is the same as with any B visa entry- that the CBP officer will deny entry. However, despite your parent’s recent visit to the U.S., provided you bring evidence of the planned departure from the U.S. on March 1st, it is unlikely CBP will deny entry. Potentially, CBP could also grant a new I-94 for a period surpassing their previously issued I-94.

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