I797C received but not I797A


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My H1b transfer for change of approval was received on 01/24/14 and my attorney received an email approval with I-94 number and Consulate name is blank, I heard that if consulate name is blank it is only I797A.


The other query. I just received I797C; Notice Type: Approval Notice for Dependents (Wife and Daughter). Its a plain paper provides the 


Notice type: Approval Notice

Class: H4

Valid From 01/27/2014 to 01/26/2017.


It also mentioned applicant name as my wife and daughter.


It also says applicant must keep lower part of document with themself with old I94 but there is not I94 attached to it at bottom. 


I have following queries:


1. Do you have any Idea about the I94 part. or does that means its a notification and the original goes to attorney.


2. Does this guarantee issue of I797A for me which will go to lawyer


3. Does USCIS dispatch this notice to my my address and original notice to my attorney same day. I am asking this to find out if my attorney will receiev it by tomorrow morning or will I have to wait few more days.


Please guide me the experts.

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