L1B to H1-B more questions and doubts..


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As of now my L1-B visa is valid till 12th April 2015 and I-94 valid till 26th May 2015.My company is ready to apply for H1-B this year.Also I am looking for applying through other employer outside.


My questions are


1.Since I have validity till next year  on L1-B,can my H1-B be rejected citing this as reason ?


2.In worse situation if  it gets picked in lottery and has gone for some query,I know the money what we paid  will not be returned. But the doubt what I have is will this H1-B query or rejection( for some reason),affect the L1-B extension after 1 year? Does this H1-B rejection have any impact on the L1-B extension? Will it cause any issue?


3. At the same time,my company is ready to do GC under EB3. So is there any way I can stay in US in L1-B itself  beyond 5 years ,if my I-140 is approved?


Please clarify.

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