Applying Green card with ******* University


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my employer is starting my green card processing under Eb2 category but he doesn't want to use my US Masters degree as i graduated from ******* university (2009 pass out)

He is worried that my labour might not get approved because of the revoked university accreditation.i am currently on my h1b under master's quota from the same university and never had any problem with the extensions.


My question is that university has accreditation in 2009 when i passed out.

Please help how shall i proceed with my case.i want to add my US masters because of immigration Law. i also have a masters from india with 5 years Experience.


Thanks in Advance.

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If this is a particular institution in Virginia (now closed there), they lost accreditation in 2008.

A degree from a non-accredited institution can not be used for anything.

And actually, if you used that degree for your H1, you will run into problems as well. Your H1 could get retroactively revoked.

You need to see a good immigration lawyer ASAP.

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