Is below 9089 is valid for EB2?


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Is below 9089 is valid for EB2?


On form 9089 (PERM labor certificate):

H4: Education: minimum level required: Master's

H4-B: Major field of study: comp science/electrical/electronic and related field

H5: is training required in the job opportunity? No

H6: is experience in the job offered required for the job? No

H7: is there an alternate field of study that is acceptable? No

H8: is there an alternate combination of education and experience that is acceptable? Yes

H8-A: if yes, specify the alternate level of education required: Bachelor's

H8-C: if applicable, indicate the number of years experience acceptable in question 8: 5 years

H9: is a foreign education equivalent acceptable? yes

h10: is experience in an alternate occupation acceptable? yes

h 10A: if yes, number of months in alternate occupation: 24


I have masters+24 months experience and the job requirement is for either master+2 years or BS+5.


can you please advise?



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