Wife Last Name Change- ITIN-H1 Visa


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I have couple of questions that i wanted to ask you about my Wife Paper work..


Here is the scenario


Currently she is on her H4 ( Spouse of me as I am on H1B)... I am preparing for our  tax returns So I will have to  apply for her ITIN (Tax ID)  and will file joint  taxes for year 2013.. The question here is , she wanted to take my last name .. and i wanted to apply for the  Last Name change..by visiting an Indian Embassy near me .. so would you recommend me to do that before filing for my taxes, getting here ITIN  or after getting the ITIN &  filing our  taxes ??? 

Also,  when the name change happens , does she a get a New Passport ? with New Visa Stamp on it ?


Also , We will be applying for her H1 this April 2014 ( Conversion from H4-->H1) ..  Will the name change effect the paper work in any way ? I mean with the name changes will the records be updated by the time we file taxes or  do you want me to apply with her Current name and wait a Year or so and then request Change of Name ,SSN... etc. ?? I am so confused .. Can you please Advise... I really appreciate this .. Thanks in Advance . 


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