Applying for new H1B after completing 6 years


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I completed my 6 years of H1 in last April 2013 and came back to India on April 10th 2013. My employer is willing to apply for a new H1B this year. Am I eligible to apply for new H1b on April 1st 2014 or should I wait till April 11th 2014 to apply for new H1B?

Since you stayed out of US for one year, you are eligible for fresh 6yrs of H1.

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Thank you, guys.


@Rahul, can I apply for new H1 on April 1st itself? (I believe, This year also most likely the application window will close by April 5th)

If you left on April 11, 2013, a new H1 can be filed on April 11, 2014 the earliest.

You absolutely have to be outside the US for one year before a new h1 can be FILED!

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