second Employer change on I-140


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I have a question with respect to my H1B visa.


My PERM & I-140 were approved from employer A and EB2 priority date is july-2012. I joined employer B in Jan 2013 and the GC hasn't been initiated (H1-B expiry Jan 2016)

Now I want to change jobs and wish to join employer C.

My concerns are:

1. Can Employer C easily transfer my H1B wthout any issue

2. I know Employer A hasn't revoked my 140 so how many years extension do I get 2 years or 3 years.

3. Once Employer C files my GC will I have any issues .

Any pointers will be helpful.I'm in my 8th year of H1B

I would greatly appreciate a nice response.



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