Petitionar's Name in H4 application?


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If anyone who read my earlier post might think this as the same post..but this question is different and it would be really helpful for any inputs...


I was working for Company A (Full Time Employee) and my H1B stamping was successfully done in 2013 and is valid until beginning of 2015. In the meantime, Company B acquired Company A and i am now a FTE of Company B with same TITLE, ROLES and RESPONSIBILITIES in the same state and the work location is less than a mile(company A AND B work locations are less than a mile distance).


So my question is, while filling the application form, do i need to write Company A or Company B as petitioner’s name?


Thanks in Advance...

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You need to get the latest employment letter for the interview. That should explain everything to VO.

Thanks Rahul..i understand what you mentioned(i will have that employment letter)..but isn't it going to be an issue because Company A doesn't even exist now and i am working for Company B.


Sorry for asking the same question again and again..i am little confused

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You need to actually talk to your HR or company Lawyer and ask about the matter. It is not unusual and you are overthinking the situation.

i talked to HR and they said since i am currently working for new company(Company B)..write the new name(Company B). Now i am more confused

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