old and new i94 appears online


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I'm currently on l1b blanket visa which is valid till jul 2014..i had traveled to India on around Nov - Dec 2013 and upon arrival on Dec 1st 2013 , I was given i94 till Apr 30 2016 by the immigration officer..on checking my l1b banket petition docs, the petition says it's "Valid indefinitely". I had the following 2 queries :

1) do I need to apply for my l1b extension around jul 2014 or any other process to be completed from my end considering that I have a i94 till Apr 2016?

2) I'm able to see the current I94 valid till april 30 2016 on the cbp site but it has been 2 months since I got back to the US and still I'm also able to see my old i94 online with expiry at jul 2014 ...I had handed the old i94 to carrier personal while collecting the boarding when I left US on Nov 20 but the old i94 has not got deleted. ..how to rectify or remove the old i94 details? Do I contact the airways or cbp ?

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