Best way to carry avoide exchange rate charges, when going for stamping.


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Capital One provides Credit Cards with no international transactional fees. Cash is the best option if CC is not an option for you. If you have a Bank of America account, you can get canadian currency at your branch or mailed to your address (or) you can use BofA Debit card in ScotiaBank in Cananda and get canadian currency.

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Best option would be the debit card


if credit card is used there will be a minimum transaction fee but if debit card is used according to your spending the transaction rate will be.


Note: All banks does not have less transaction rates for debit cards, check with your bank about the international transaction charge.   


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Ok, I just called Capitol One. The rep told me all the Capitol One cards carry no foreign trans fee. Once the app is approved, it takes 14 business days for the card to arrive. And I ofcourse I can cancel it anytime.


I do have BoA acc. I'll walk into the back to see the option I have (debit card/ cash, etc).


Thanks much for the help guys. I will keep posted.

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