Successful Visa Stamping @ Calgary on Jan 27


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Hello Everyone,


Thanks a lot to this forum and to the members in here for their incredible and priceless information.


I had my interview at 8am and reached the embassy around 7.30. Everything went as smooth as it could get, Security check, finger prints was done before 8am. I was the 7th person in line and went to the booth upon calling my number. The interview went just for a minute and I didn't even have to open my documents folder at all. Here is a little more info on the interview.


1. VO: Good Morning. How are you doing?

  Me: Good Morning Officer. I am good and how about you.


2. VO: Please pass on your documents (I-797, DS Confirmation)

   Me: I passed the documents along.


3. VO: I see that you have entered United States a couple of times before.

    Me: Yes Officer, I did my Masters in United States.


4. VO: Oh good! Where did you do your Masters ?

  Me: XXXX University in XXX City and State.


5. VO: Checked something in the system - Tell me about your degree in US?

    Me: Masters in Mechanical Engineering.


6. VO: Who will be your employer in United States ?

    Me: XXXXXX Company


7. VO: What's your designation?

    Me: Systems Analyst and told my roles and responsibilities in a line or 2.


8. Vo: Can you please give me your CV?

    Me: I passed my CV to the VO, he had a quick glance at my CV and typed so much in the system.


9. VO:  Your visa has been approved, here is the instructions to collect your passport.

    Me: Thank you officer, that was real quick !!


10. VO: Hey you. Enjoy working in United States !!

      Me: Sure, I will officer. Thank you :)



Everyone in the morning slot got their visa approved without any hassles.



Thanks again Murthy Forum!!



Good luck everyone attending the interview.



Best Regards,






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