Canada visitor visa (apply online) for H1B Stamping Question


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I am planning to go to Canada(Vancouver) for stamping in the next couple of months, my H1b is expiring on March 25th and I have filed an extension. I am planning to stamping after h1b extension process is done and once I have the new i 797. In the mean time I wanted to start Canada visitor visa processing. I am planning to apply online for Canada visa.

Since my current h1b/I 94 is expiring on March 25th I wanted to know if that will be a factor when I apply for Canada Visitor visa. Should I wait until I get the new i797 to apply for the Canada visa or if I could go ahead apply for Canada Visitor visa with my current i797/i94. I want to make sure they will provide me visitor visa for 3 months atleast so that I have enough time once I get my new i797.  Please advice.

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