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Disha jain

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Hello All,


My employer is filing my H1B, Since its a small company and the auditor is not very familiar with the filing process. Could some one let me know how to pre file the LCA (As the filing should be with in 6months from the start date which falls to April 1st- on which my attorney is planning to file the H1B petition). Should I should include anything extra details in the LCA online application as pre filing so not to get my LCA application rejected.




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The company should engage an attorney to assist int he process. If he is unwill to do do or claims inability to pay for the legal services, find a better employer.


YOU cannot file anything. The attorney should be working for your employer on your behalf since only employers can file petitions.

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thanks for the replies. I am not filing the LCA. Our company HR/auditor is filing for the LCA. It is her first time filing H1B. I am just shadowing her to make sure no mistakes happen. She is taking help of the attorney also. But wanted to make sure everything is going by double checking here with the pros :)

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