H1B stamping in Vancouver Jan-22-2014


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I also had my interview at Vancouver Consulate on Jan 22nd at 10 AM and my visa was approved.

I haven't received any e - mail notification so far and I don't see any update online at CSC visa info service (same link).

I am hoping that there should be an update by tomorrow Jan 24th.

It shouldn't take more than 2 days from what I heard, even though the VO says that it takes 5 business days.

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VO asked me below questions.


Vo: Hi

Me: Hello, GM

Vo: Is this your 1st H1B?

Me: Yes

Vo: Did you go to school in USA?

Me: Yes

Vo: Which University?


Vo: what did you study there?

Me: Masters in computer science

Vo: when did you graduate?


Vo: What did you do after that?

Me: Stated working as network Engineer

Vo: who is your employer?


Vo: Month and year you joined in that company?


Vo: So do you have a client?

Me: Yes 

Vo: who is your client?


Vo: where is it located?

Me: xxxx

Vo: What do you do for YYY?

Me: Explained

Vo Month and year you stated working this client?


Vo: Can I see your Driver’s License,LCA,Pay stubs,Offer Letter?

Me: Handed over all documents

Vo: Do you get paid monthly?

Me: yes

Vo: Do you have family here?

Me: Yes, my sister

Vo: Is she citizen?

Me: No she has a green card.

Vo: Give me a min computer is really slow


Then he said the magical words.. YOUR VISA IS APPROVED :)

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