H1B Visa Approved in Vancouver. Looking for Accommodation!


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I have my first H1B interview at Vancouver, Canada. Here is my Interview experience.


Previous Status: F1. H1 from Oct 2013


Do not take bags into consulate. If you have taken and the security doesn't allow, you can deposit your bags at Quiznos Sub just opposite to consulate for $10.


My Interview Experience:


VO: Hi


Me: Hi, Good Morning. How are you? (Passed my Passport, DS-160 and I797A)


VO: Good. How are you. Is this your first H1.


Me. Yes.


VO: Could you please tell me about your studies at US?


Me: I have done Masters in Comuper Science at XYZ University, Pennsylvania.


VO: When did you graduate?


Me: September 2011. I have my degree certificate. Do you want to have a look.


VO: No. That's fine. Could you pass me your LCA, Paystubs, W2 and Driver's Licence.




My client location is NYC and I stay in New Jersey.


VO: Do you stay in New Jersey?


Me: Yes.(I have NJ DL)


VO: So, from when you are on H1.


Me: From October 2013.


VO: When did your employer applied for H1.


Me: April 2013.


VO: What is your role?


Me: Software Developer in Oracle Technologies.


VO: So you are working with your employer from Oct 2013.


Me: No, I have worked on OPT from Sep 2011 with the same employer.


VO: So, Do you work at employer location or do you have any Client.


Me: I work for Client, XYZ. I have a letter from them.


VO: Pass me that.(Glanced and returned)


VO: Where are you from India?


Me: (Told my Birth place)


VO gave me a booklet on Worker Rights and asked me to read before starting work at US. And he said "Your visa is Approved" and gave me a pamphlet on how to track the passport and said that I'll be receiving Passport in 3 to 5 days.




I am staying in Vancouver downtown. I have booked a room for 2 days(22,23 Jan) on airbnb.com. I am looking for accommodation from Jan 24 until I receive my passport. If anyone have accommodation from Jan 24 anywhere in Vancouver, Please do contact me. I have my email address on my profile.






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