Anyone who attended interview in Calgary on Jan 17th?


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Hi all,


I had my visa interview in Calgary on Jan 17th. The VO said visa is approved. Still waiting for update on my passport. Anyone else who is in the same situation?


Thank you!

HI Ram,


Your status may change today as it is holiday yesterday. I have attended interview on Jan/14 and I was told that I had no PIMS updated and takes 2 or 3 more business days. I am still waiting for my passport. Are there any one known to you who have similar issue on the same week. Just want to know the status . 

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Till yesterday my status on the ceac website is shown as admin processing. Today morning it changed to issued status. 




you were right. It was a holiday on monday so thts probably the reason it got delayed. I am sorry but I dont know anyone here in calgary with similar issue. 




Thank you mrpraveen. you were right thats probably the reason for the delay.



I am here for F1 visa stamping. The interview was pretty casual. 

What is the college?

where is it?

what is your course?

Why do you want to take up this course?

What were you doing previously?

How long is your course?

How do you plan to sponsor your education?


It went on for about 5 minutes. Then she told be that the visa is approved and you will get it in 3-5 business days.

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