H1b renewal stamping in Sweden


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Hi friends,


I completed my Masters in 2007 and got my h1b in 2008. I got my first f1-h1b stamping in India in Dec 2009 with full finger prints. In Aug 2011 I got my 1st extension but didn't travel outside US with this 1st extension. In december my 2nd extension on i140 until Dec 2016.

I am same employer and same client right from the beginning. 

Now I am thinking of Visiting my close friends in Sweden for a vacation and returning back to India. I have no plans to go India for next one year as my family will be visiting US in this July.

I have all paystubs,W2s, client letter and  every required document.


Now my question is can I get my stamping in Stockholm while Visiting Sweden and return back to US?



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It is risky to go to the Us consulate in Stockholm as they don't really consider doing an H1B stamping if you are not a resident of Sweden and you might be given a 221G for administrative clearance. My advice is to go with a valid US visa stamped  in either mexico or candidate or Jamaica and then travel.

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