UNVA Successful VISA Stamping @ Vancouver Canada Jan 16th


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Hello Guys this is the time which i want to pay back to Murthy form as well as my friends who are going to Visa Stamping in coming days.

travelling from US to Vancouver, Canada.

1. Here the main thing comes to the mind is regarding I-94 form do we need to submit it at port of entry or not?

Answer: You NO need to give / NO one will ask about your I-94. When you are done with the immigration check you will just wait for your boarding flight
their they will check your Canada Valid Visa. I think you already have your Canada Visa on your passport i guess that is enough to get on to the Canada flight.

2. So once you come to Canada what they will ask from you?

Answer: In flight they will give you a form to fill. This form is just similar like when you come from India to USA.

In this form you need to fill your personal details like name, address, how many days of visiting Canada --> i mentioned 100 days.

So once you land in Vancouver, Canada.

After taking your lauguage. There will be two lines one for Canadian Citizens and another for International line.

Since you are not the Canadian Citizen go to the International line.

Immigration officer will ask why you came to Canada just say whatever the reason you came. I said i came for my H1-B Stamping. If you want you can say whatever reason
in your mind and try.

Took a taxi and stayed at Days Inn hotel near to US consulate. It's your choice if you have any friends at Vancouver that is really good option.

Interview process.

Appointment time 9:30 AM.

went to consulate at 9 AM. There is a normal line at that time around 10 to 15 people. Told us to come 15 minutes before.

came back at 9:15 AM

security assistant asked me to show the passport and DS-160. He just see it and say ok stand here he will say.

Later Security at door will ask the last name and he will check your name in the check list from his side. just like conductor. If your name is there
then he will say to stand at other line near main door and also he will ask whether do you have any sealed envelopes, if there is any no matter how much confidential
he will just take out from it and give it to you which you can do it from your side too. If you wear any jacket then thats fine he will allow you.
If you brought any cell phone they he will tie some band to your hand it will be like spring. It is just like band when you enter club.

At main door they will allow 5 people at a time. when they will send inside its totally depends on the people inside.
All this security guys will be sync with their walkie talkie.

Ok, Once you enter inside there will be immediate steps once you reach 1st floor there will be again small immigration check(likely) again they will ask you any
sealed envelopes, take the belt. Once done the officer will say to stand at one point where you need to show your DS-160, Appointment letter, Passport, I-979 form.
She will take the Ds-160, Passport, I-979 first page. She will give you a token and checks the photo on your DS-160 if there is any shade ask you to provide any photos
if you don't have there will be a photo studio(likely) where they will charge $10.

Then she will give you a number and tell you to sit on the chair's wait for your number to be called.

Infront of you there will be numbers displayed. Once your number came you will go for the finger prints. After that go and sit back to the same position.
Here is the final step your number will be called to go to 20th floor.

Once you reach 20th floor again you will wait there until your number is called.

Interview is at counter 5. Skinny guy wearing spects. looks like he is in between 30 - 33.

ME: Hello Officer Good Morning.

VO: Good morning how are you.

VO: This is your first H1-B?

ME: Yes officer

VO: From which college you did your master's


VO: this is not an accredited college mmmm.. when did you graduated?

ME: i graduated in Dec 2010.

VO: So more than 3 year's hmm.

VO: Do you have any Bachelor's Degree with you.

ME: Yes. I provided my bachelor's Degree and marks memos.

VO: Ok. give me your LCA, Pay Stubs, Employer Verificaion Letter.

ME: gave everyting. I just gave H1-B pay stubs.

VO: So how much you are getting?

ME: I said whatever amount on my LCA.

VO: ok. Did you work on OPT?

ME: Yes. I worked for 27 months.

VO: who is your end client?

ME: YYY client.

VO: From when you are working for the client? Answered

ME: Do you want to see the Client letter?

VO: If you have please.

VO: where is your client place?

ME: Answered

VO: can you show me your Employer Verification letter.

ME: Showed

VO: Ok you can take all your documents

VO: He kept passport and I-797 with him and said your VISA is APPROVED.gave one form to study regarding rules( i didn't even open it..)

ME: Once done i came back to the ground floor took a coffee from starbucks and waited for my friend he also got the visa.

We are totally 4 people went for Visa Stamping on Thursday everyone got their visa approved.

Returning on Tuesday if my passport reaches on time.

I will share remaining experience on wednesday. Till then good bye. all the best.

Just be confident.

For any questions or queries your can email me i will respond to you.


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https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=WwjqOlbeRYzCYubaSQI+RA== please check the status of your application is ii showing issued or adminstrative process???? mine is showing admin processing please check and let me know. addmin process can delay our passport arrival. so please. where you stayed.?


if can give me your contact info mine is ***************** please call if you can.

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Please advise 

I am also trying to get appointment in vancuver . 

Iam getting at least 95 days waiting is it ok ? how can i get early ?

I live in california and prefer vancuver then india My last stamping was in vancuver 3 years back for H1B then i picked the passport next day  . So far i think they have waived that option and we have to wait for passport to arrive at a branch to picked up  .


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