H-1B extension beyond 6 years Approved I-140 Letter from Previous emplyment


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Hi All,

I hope this forum helps me for my case as i tried all known sources and all are failed.

I came to US on H-1B visa as software engineer through company "A" in 03/2008. Through Company "A" i have approved filed PERM and I-140 which i received a copy in year 2009 with priority date of 05/25/2008.

I changed the company from "A" to "B" in 06/2009 from there moved to "C" in late 2012 (October). In this process i only got PERM approved with company "B" but not I-140.

Company "A" revoked I-140 as person changed employment leaving me the approved I-140 document with LIN number etc..

03/2014 is the last month for me for reach 6 years with H-1B.

Company "C" is planning to apply for H-1B extension next week where they just started getting PWA or Prevailing Wage for PERM or Labor. 

What are the options i have to get H-1B extended beyond 6 years.

Please let me know

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