Client and vendore letters (E-V-PV-C) for H1B Stamping in canada


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Hi, i am going to canda ( calgary ) for my H1B stamping. i have Employer - Vendor - Primevendor - Client.


Primevendor Accenture is implementer at client location  and they don't give any letters for visas. but client provides the client letter. then Vendor also provides letter , earlier for my H1B vendor gave letter as he is dealing with Primevendor - Client . and i am working for them.


Can you please let me know  this employer - vendor-primevendor- client  relationship discription in client letter also vendor letter . prime vendor wont give letter.


how should be the description on client letter , i mean client knows i am from prime vendor .vendor gives the relation between primevendor and them also with my employer . but primevendor letter missing. so please let me know how to follow.


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this is wht you hav to do.


1. get the client letter

2. get a letter from vendor shows relationship b/w them(PV).

3. ask the PV to mail you that they can not provide you the letter and take that as a print out.

VO might ask you how your employer has a direct control over you if he looks at all these.

you can say that you have weekly and montly calls over the work and he has the authority to control my work and all.



above all be confident.

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i am planning to give following description on client letter for employee relationship, please  correct me if the sentence needs to be changed.



Person(Me) has been contracted to work for xx(Client Name) through xx (Prime vendor Name) and middle vendor  xx (vendore name)  , and Person   all times remain a full time employee of xx(my employer name).


please correct the above sentence if it needs to be. Thanks

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