Same I94 Number issued


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Hi All,


I came to US under H1B woked for two months i have been issued paper I94 upon arrival in the port of entry with expriy date and went back to india and i returned my I94 to my carrier on departure. And i came back again to US after two months this time i have been told i can retrive my I94 from online, and i did the same but i noticed my admission number is same as old one. so my questions is this correct? since both of my old and new i94 admission number is same. And another one i tried accessing I94 in the online again but it is saying it is not found. I have tried all the combination but no luck.


Can you please guide me is there anything wrong in my I94 why it is not showing in the online? and is it possible both old and new i94 admission numbers are same?


Thank you.

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