Visa Approved on Jan 15th at the Ottawa Consulate Office


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I had my H1B visa interview today (Jan 15, 2013) at the Ottawa Consulate and my visa was approved.

The interview was scheduled for 9.30am and I arrived there at 9.15am. I didn't take my phone with me but I saw people collecting their phones on their way out from the screening area at the front. Went through the screening and then I was asked for my current and old passports, DS160 confirmation, and the I-797 approval. Got the passports, DS160 confirmations, and the I-797 back and was asked to give them to the person at the check-in window. At the check-in window, I was asked what my status in Canada was and then was given a number. Then my number was called for finger printing. After I was done with finger printing, the passports, DS160 confirmation, and the I-797 was handed back over to me. I was called for the actual interview with the visa officer at 10am.

The gentleman who interviewed me was very nice. He was smiling all the time and was very casual. I wore a suit with a tie. I handed over the passports, DS160 confirmation, and the I-797 approval to him. He asked me the following questions, told me that my visa is approved and told that my passport will be available for pick up at the Loomis office on Friday or Monday. The interview only took about 5 mins.

What's your job?

How long have you worked in the US?

How long have you worked for your company?

How long have you been in the US?

Did you go to college in the US?

What did you study in College?

Stuff not related to the interview:

I am staying at the Quality Hotel Downtown located in Rideau Street. This is a pretty good hotel. Nice and clean. If anyone is in the area and want to hangout, please let me know.

Hope this information is helpful.

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