H1B Extension and in Parallel H4 extension/renewal using Interview waiver program


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My H1b Extension case is still in pending mode(assuming the approval happens in coming 2 months), H1b visa got expired on september 7th 2013 . My petitioner is same .
I am planning to go India in April 2014 and do my H1b extension and wife's H4B renewal stamping using Visa Interview waiver program.

I have couple of doubts regarding the program.

1) Reading the eligibility criteria it seems we both are eligible for dropbox or non dropbox , can anybody differentiate the risk of either of them and the actual difference and which one is safer option.
2) Do I still have to go for finger print and what is the usual visa processing time using the VIWP in mumbai consulate.

3) My Passport expires by end of Nov 2014 ... will that be a risk for visa stamping in april 2014 as there are no Passport requirements other then its validity(meaning nowhere it says PP should be valid for more then X years or months) .... SO is this an issue ?

The reason I am asking is it is a painful process to renew your PP in USA when your visa status is expired/pending
and I fear I will screw up getting all those required notaries etc...

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            Can you please share your experience ? I am particularly interested to know if a person is eligible for IWP, does he still need to go through the biometrics appointment ? we already did biometrics (fingerprint and picture) in our previous renewal in oct 2012. 

I will be traveling to IND in oct 2014 and need to get my & wife (H4) visa stamped. 


My case:

  • Visa expired 5/2015.
  • Extension approved till 5/2017.
  • i-140 approved.
  • This will be my 6+ years stamping  


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If your visa is getting expired in 5/2015 , then i dont think you need to go for stamping unless you r coming after 5/2015.

Incase this is a misprint then

1) if you are eligible then you should certainly do that  as it is easy and smooth.

2) If you are going for very short duration of 15 days then dont go for it and just take the appointment as in my case my wife got approval( which was stupid of them since she is my dependant) on dropbox but I got pending on my extension and which wasted a month of my time .

3)You dont need to do biometrics if you already have done it.


Hope this answers your questions

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