Got GC - but working for Subsidiary Company


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Need some help or advice.

I filed my GC through Company A in EB3 7 years ago.

Two years ago it was acquired by Company B.

Company B started my GC about 2 years ago in EB2 and I recently got my GC

I am still working for Company A. (payroll, medical etc are all coming from company A).

I asked to be moved to Company B, but they are saying it is not necessary as company A is fully owned by by Company B.

Would there be a problem during my citizenship application?

Thanks in advance.

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Look up "successor-in-interest" Since B has legally acquired A you should be fine.

Thanks for you replies.

One thing I forgot to mention was that I used the EB3 priority date from my earlier GC application.

Also, I would think that the EB2 case may have been for a different job position than what I am doing now.

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