Visa stamping @canada.


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I am planning to go to canada form USA for my H1B visa stamping. My visa is expired and i have valid I-94 with approved I-797. I have a question regarding port of entry to canada. I am planning to book two way flight ticket to canada. At the POE canada, do they check for return ticket to make sure that you have plan to return from Canada?. If yes, as my visa is no longer valid to re enter into US, do they question about this. The reason i am asking this is that, when one of my friend was travelling from INDIA to canada for visa stamping, they asked about return ticket from canada. As my friend planned to go to USA after stamping in canada, he did not book return ticket. When he said about this, they asked the ticket from Canada to USA. I think they just want to make sure that you have a plan to leave the country.


Anybody has faced this issue




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