going for stamping, though i had valid visa until 09/2014


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recently i received h1b extension (amendment for job title + extension) until 04/2016


  • my current visa is valid until 09/2014.
  • now i have h1b extension approval until 04/2016 ( same employer, no EVC)


my question


  • if i go for stamping in June/July before my current visa gets expired,
  1. do they cancel my existing visa before they make a decision on new visa.
  2. Visa approved : fine, i can come back to US and work again.
  3. Visa denied :     Can i come back to US with existing visa which is still valid until 09/2013 ?
  4. my first visa issued in Chennai and second visa in Vancouver, Canada. would it be good if i go to Canada again?
  5. Am i eligible for drop box for getting h1b visa ( no EVC, FT with same employer), if so, should i go to Home country or any other country like Canada.

Please advise.



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