H1B Stamping experience - London


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I work for a company  in US and travelled to london on a business trip. Attended visa interview for H1B stamping (due to extension) in US embassy - London.

My  experience

1. Appointment at 9 AM on a Monday. Very long queue outside the embassy. No roof and a heavy rain. Make sure you carry an umbrella if rain is predicted.

2. No electronics, cables (including headphones) are allowed and there is no place to store them. There is a chemis across the road who holds your items for a 3 pound charge.

3. After security check, front desk printed a waiting number.

4. After a 30 min wait, I was called to a window where I was asked to submit my Passport, I 797B. they also verified my visa fee payment confirmation receipt.

5. I waited again to be called for the visa interview after 10 mins.
Following questions were asked

   What do you do for your company
   What made you travel London for stamping
   Is this your first extension.

6. They said the visa is approved and will receive the passport in 4-5 working days.

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