Urgent: I-485 Denied after divorce and not in India what are my options


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Hi, I am in a very tough situation. I came to US on H4 and my husband was on H1B. He has applied for GC in EB2 Category and added me as dependent on his I-485. We got our EAD and AP. We had a trouble marraige and my husband filed for uncontested divorce, while the divorce proceedings were on I came to India and the divorce got finalized while I was in India. Now I got a notification from USCIS about my I-485 Denial. I am planning to travel to India within next 15 days. I have following questions and appreciate a quick reply,


1) Can I travel back to US with EAD/AP while my I-485 is denied, I want to contest the decision.

2) Do anybody know on what grounds I can contest I-485 denial.


Please help me out I am in a very bad situation, All of my stuff is in US and I want to atleast come to US one time to collect my belongings.

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As my friend says, this dog ain't gonna hunt. First, if you enter on AP while I-485 is denied, your entry would likely be considered illegal (and it's a big if whether you are going to be let into the country). Second, the only way you can reopen I-485 is if you have some other eligibility for a green card (your own I-140 or a relative petition), which you don't mention, and thus I assume is not an option. You should talk to a lawyer to understand your situation better.

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