Any 221g Cases Toronto in 2014


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Hi folks,


I am stuck since a few weeks now for my H-1B extension stamping. I'm on H-1 since 2009. My first stamping in India was without any hassles. Working full time for one of the Big 5 software companies in the bay area since 2011. MS in Electrical/ Computer Engineering.


4/28: Interview. Asked about my courses in MS. Smiled, kept my I-797 and handed a 221g yellow saying you should get your visa in about 1 month. Emailed my resume, job description and port of entry details the same day.


4/29: Received acknowledgement saying documents received.


5/14: Sent a copy of H-1B LCA and a copy of the same I-797. Though it wouldn't hurt. No acknowledgement till date.


5/20: It was a tuesday and 3 weeks had gone without a reply so, went to the consulate window with some hope. Was told it's still in Admin Processing.


I guess I'll just have to wait out another week. Anybody in a similar situation recently?

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Created an account to reply here. I had my interview on April 24th 2014, for a first time H1B stamp, and was given a 221(g) yellow form, presumably due to the nature of my graduate research. I anticipated that something like this would happen, so I prepared for the worst case scenario. It's been a little over 3 weeks now, with no updates on the CEAC website as yet. I suppose there's not much to do but wait. I'll post any updates as and when they happen.

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I took up a neural networks course in my masters. And my current job involves some work on cryptography.

In software/computer engineering, these are pretty much standard technologies. I dont know why its taking more than 1 month to review this, when it takes less than 1 month to renew the H-1.


the ceac status website for me shows the Status updated date as April 28. What about you?


Clearance email or not, I'm planning on visiting the consulate window tomorrow at 1pm and hopefully get an update. I'll be in a brown/ red shirt and blue jeans, if you want to catch up.

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I got the clearance email today at 12:30 est and submitted the passport. relieved. :)

@tntapr2014 I hope you got it too.

CEAC status still shows 'admin processing'.


My loomis location is burlington.

I asked if I can pick up the passport. They said 'you will get an email that your passport is ready, reply to that email that you want to pick it up from toronto. But, there will be an extra charge for that'.

I'll wait for that email or the waybill number update...


I was preparing myself to write to the senator if I didnt get an update today.

Total time to clearance email = 31 days

Definitely never wish to see toronto consulate or even canada for the next visa stamp!

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I was preparing myself to write to the senator if I didnt get an update today.

Total time to clearance email = 31 days

Definitely never wish to see toronto consulate or even canada for the next visa stamp!

That's why it is better to attend visa interview at your home country.

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I am in the same boat as you were/are. Stuck in Toronto for over 4 weeks now. As some of you have mentioned:- 

1. Make a US senetor talk to consulate  -done that, no positive response

2. Go to the consulate counter (window) to get the status - done that, no positive response.

3. Send email- done that, no positive response.


The information posted here was helpful but in my case there was no positive response. Consulates standard response

"We have no control over the pace or scope of this review and unfortunately it remains unfinished."

Wanted to check if there are others as well and any other way of getting more information from the consulate.

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Still no update. With today it has been over 6 weeks. I think now consulates should give rough estimate by which Administrative Processing will be finished. So that the individual (and family if applicable) can make appropriate plans to stay in a country if it is not their home country. They have been doing this for years now (221g business). They should have an estimate if this is case type 1 then 4 weeks, case type 2 then 2 weeks. I believe they send out similar kind of an information out of their consulate (based on the feed back provided by other members) for administrative processing and I am sure it is going to similar destinations every time.

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I had my visitor visa interview on 13th November, 2014. I was handed a 221g yellow slip and was told that it would take 2-3 weeks to process the visa. The VO kept my passport.


The 221g doesnt mention anywhere that sometimes they keep the passports. It only mentions to submit the passport when a decision is made. I am worried about this since they have my passport and I dont have any proof for that.


Also in case it takes longer, I want to get my passport back. What is the process for the same? What documents are needed in case I want to personally go and pick my passport from the embassy?

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