L1 Blanket Stamping in Canada while Passport expiring in 10 months


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I'm in Canada now and going for L1-Blanket stamping in Canada. My current Passport is expiring in next 10 months (Oct 2014).


Question is:


1. If I don't renew my passport now and go for L1 stamping with existing Passport, then will I get L1 VISA approved and stamped only till my Passport expiry date (i.e. Oct 2014)...??


2. Should I renew the Passport first and them go for L1-VISA Stamping...? If this increase a chance to get VISA stampped with longer validity...??


3. What is the success rate for L1-VISA Stamping in Canada..? Should I ask my employer to process L1-Individual instead of L1-Blanket...??



Please suggest.

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